Preventive Care

Routine Cleaning and Checkups: The most cost-effective dentistry is preventive care coupled with oral hygiene instruction. Regular checkups and cleanings will keep your smile looking its best and help you live a healthy, happy life. Catching dental problems while they are small and easy to fix can save you literally thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Preventive measures are usually pain free and will have you leaving the office with the confidence of a beautiful smile and a better awareness of the daily care your teeth require. Regular dental visits twice a year are the best way to maintain your teeth and gums, but they should also be a part of everyone’s overall health care plan.

Sealants: Dental sealants are a great preventive measure for decay. The chewing surfaces of molars, particularly in adolescents, tend to have very deep grooves that are prime breeding ground for decay. A sealant is a completely non-invasive procedure where a very thin layer of flowable plastic material is placed to seal off those deep grooves. They are inexpensive and usually covered entirely by most dental plans.