Crowns and Bridges

Crowns: Crowns are made out of high quality porcelain and gold alloy and encapsulate the top of a problem tooth and protect it from further deterioration. These are commonly used for weak, cracked, or chipped teeth.

Bridges: Bridges are a good way to replace multiple teeth. They use an artificial tooth that is held in place by two crowns on either side of it, hence the name “bridge”. These are seamless and blend in right alongside your natural teeth, returning your smile to its natural glow.

Dentures: From a partial denture that snaps into place to a full set of dentures, Rocky Mountain Dental Care can create quality dentures to fit your needs. However, we stress that dentures aren’t for everyone, and our dedicated staff insists on making sure you know the pros and cons of dentures and their alternatives before you make this decision.

Implants: Implants are another option for replacing missing teeth. They are man-made “anchors” that look like screws and are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. The implant is surgically placed in the jaw, and a porcelain crown is placed upon the implant. We partner with a periodontist, who performs the surgical portion of the process. Once you are finished with the placement of the implant, Dr. Johnson will complete the process of attaching the tooth to the implant itself.